Because you don’t want to be judged…

Hey, Jesper here!

We’ve all been there — on the verge of doing something that feels a little risky. And all the internal resistance that come along for the ride.

Maybe it’s holding a presentation that could lead to a new opportunity.

Maybe you’re about to reveal something new you’ve been working on.

Maybe it’s a pitch…a job interview…or asking for a loan.

But somehow, it’s so hard to do. In the back of our heads, there’s this echo: “what if I’ll be judged?”

What if I’ll be judged? Perhaps those exact words won’t pop up in your head. But you can be sure that similar words and the feelings accompanying them are leading the assault on your confidence.

Then, seeing your struggle, a friendly soul comes along. With a calm demeanor and a feather-like touch, they assure you: “nobody is going to judge you.” “You can do this.”

Now, there is a problem with this. The problem is that it’s not true. 

It’s well-intended and meant as support — and it probably even helps temporarily.

But the thing is:

We ARE being judged — all the time. Everybody judges. I do it. You do it. We all do it.

As survival-first creatures, we simplify the environment so that we can understand it quickly. We categorize — compare to what we already know. We judge. It happens in an instant, whether we like it or now. (Being aware of this can help us see our biases, though.)

Another meaning of “judge” is “to form an opinion.” Now that feels a little lighter, doesn’t it?


The self-proclaimed expert in fitness training — with a beer belly — who can hardly walk up a flight of stairs without exhausting himself….

Do we judge? Yep.

Or the wonderkid who composes symphonies at the age of twelve.

Do we judge? You bet we do — only differently.

But to bring it back…

The question isn’t whether people judge you or not, but whether you’re going to let that stop you or not.

Are you going to let that fear of judgment get in the way of your dreams — knowing that the judgment will come, no matter what you do?

If you have a service — or a product — that truly helps people. Are you going to let the fear stop you from helping them?

We’re all afraid. Do it anyway.

To your success


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