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cinema 4d r21 field force
Cinema 4d field force free project

Cinema 4D Field Force Projects

With the release of Cinema 4D R21, we have a new force object: the Field Force. The Field Force is a powerful new feature that breathes life into Cinema 4D’s standard particle system and the Thinking Particles system. It also opens up a whole new world of control over dynamics simulations. In these download files, there are two different samples of utilizing the Field Force with Thinking Particles.

Both of these samples also use another new feature of R21. The Volume Builder has a new type: Vector. A vector is just a direction, but it has a unique blending mode, ‘cross.’ ‘Cross’ allows particles to travel on the surface of a volume object. You can use Fields to control the direction of the particles. I’m using a Random Field in one sample and a Linear Field in the other. These are just two samples, and the possibilities are endless. I rendered one version with Cycles4D, but the other ones use the standard renderer.

I hope the files are useful and help you with some new ideas.

Here’s a tutorial on how it’s built:

This project is part of a bundle — C4D and X-Particles Power Bundle.



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