Cinema 4D File – Bubbly Text Reveal

cinema 4d file bubbly text reveal now

Cinema 4D File - Bubbly Text Reveal

Here’s a fun text reveal technique using Cinema 4D’s noise textures with fields. The text is editable so you can change it into anything. Change the font, change the size, and so on. You could also replace the text object with any other spline.

There are two versions in the download. One is using the Physical renderer, and the other one is using Cycles4D. In the Cycles4D version, I’m using a third-party plugin: HDRI link. If you don’t have HDRI-link, replace that with some other HDR image of your choice.

Hopefully, you’ll have some fun with it.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows the process:  Bubbly Text Reveal Tutorial

How to use the downloaded files

Use the project files as inspiration, or starting points for new projects. Feel free to use for commercial or personal use. Hopefully they’ll come  to good use.

Thank you

I’ll let you know when there’s an opening.