Cinema 4D Mograph Clone Transform

Training: Cinema 4D Mograph Clone Transform

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In this Cinema 4D course, you will learn how to transform from one shape to another using Mograph and Fields. You can easily apply these techniques to a wide range of other projects and styles.

To follow along with the course, you’ll need a version of Cinema 4D that has the Mograph module and Fields. In other words, Cinema 4D R21(or higher) or Cinema 4D R20(Broadcast or Studio edition).

We learn best by doing, so this is a hands-on, project-based course. We will go through the lessons step by step.

Some prior knowledge of Cinema 4D is helpful, as I won’t explain the most basic aspects of 3D applications.

A Glimpse of what we’ll cover

  • Mograph Cloner Blend Mode
  • Plain Effector – Modify Clone
  • SDS Weight Tag
  • Axis location
  • Shader Field
  • Using Extruded Objects in the Field’s List
  • Delay Modifier Field Layer
  • Rig Building with Expresso
  • Using Alembic Files

You’ll have access to all the project files to make it easy to follow along. However, I encourage you to build your separate project(s) and try out variations of what we’ll build together.

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