Download Cinema 4D File – Phone Transformation

Download Project File - Phone Transformation

Download Cinema 4D Project File – Phone Transformation. The screen effect is made with X-Particles. It’s rendered with Cycles4D, but it could easily be done with Redshift or Octane for example. I used Greyscalegorilla’s HDRI Link. If you don’t have that plugin, just add another HDRI to the environment. The colors in the download file are a different hue. I shifted the hue in After Effects. I hope you’ll find some use for it.

I made a YouTube video on how to build this in Cinema 4D.

Watch tutorial:

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How to use the downloaded files

Use the project files as inspiration, or starting points for new projects. Feel free to use for commercial or personal use. Hopefully they’ll come  to good use.

Thank you

I’ll let you know when there’s an opening.