Have you considered what perfectionism might be costing you?

Hey, it’s Jesper! 

You know when you’re up at 5.30 am just to work on some details in a project?

You couldn’t sleep anyway. How could you, with those mistakes in there?

It’s just that – the client has already signed off on the project. It’s delivered.

The only reason you’re giving up on that necessary morning sleep is that you can’t stand NOT being perfect!

Are you cursed with the affliction of perfectionism? Are you a perfectionist? 

Do you NOT publish work because it might not be “perfect”?
Perfect – According to who? – Compared to what? 

It’s all too easy to hide behind perfectionism, almost like a shield, instead of putting yourself out there.

Have you considered what perfectionism might be costing you? And no, I’m not referring to sleep hours. 

When you find yourself in the perfection loop(most of us do from time to time), consider this:

  • What if you defined what “good enough” looks like before you start the project.
  • What’s more important; that the client is happy with the outcome or getting every teeny-tiny detail, just right?

You can focus on one thing at a time. Either future strategies for actual growth – or past (uncorrectable) mistakes.

The choice is yours.

To Your Success,

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Jesper Sandell

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