How to overcome an invisible enemy

There’s something little understood that might be stopping you from succeeding.

You’ll consistently hear advice such as:

“You gotta work your ass off if you wanna be successful.”
“Just keep putting more stuff out there! The more the better!”

But wait a minute…

If something isn’t working, should you really be doing more of it?
Sour milk doesn’t turn into cream if you put more sour milk on it. Right?

And if hard work alone creates success, then why aren’t everybody who works hard successful?

What’s missing?

The problem is most likely not your work(well, ok, sometimes it is).

You see, there’s a sneaky little detail that most people miss. And it’s understandable because it’s not intuitive.


When your potential client comes across your work or product for the first time, he makes a split-second decision:

“What does this remind me of?” – “How is this similar to other work I already know?” – “What category does it fit into?”

All this happens subconsciously. Your client isn’t even aware of it.

The bad news for you is: 

You’re now competing with – and being compared to – others in the same category. 

Just like that, you became a commodity. Your chances of commanding a higher price just took a nosedive.

“Ok, I get it,” you may say. “So what can I do?”

I think you got this by now, but it’s worth repeating:

CATEGORIZATION = DEATH(overly dramatic to get the point across)

We usually don’t buy the best products. We tend to buy the products we understand the fastest. Because it requires the least effort…

How can you clearly show that your product is “better”?
How can you clearly – and specifically – show that your work is “unique”?
How can you talk about your services in a way that is “different” from everybody else?

To your success

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