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Hey, this is Jesper Sandell, owner of Velocitypeak.

When you’re tired of not getting the results that you want, and you somehow feel that you’re playing small, it’s frustrating and beyond.

You know you have to make a choice. Either you try to figure it out on your own, or you get help. I’m guessing you’ve already tried the “figure out” route. Getting help means investing in yourself, removing the guesswork, and gives you proven steps that others have used to succeed.


  • You’re a course creator
  • You sell products or other services online
  • You’re a freelancer — or want to become one

Let me coach you one-on-one.

You’ll work with me directly to develop your marketing skills to drive new clients, sales, and revenue.

We’ll remove the blocks and blind spots that are currently stopping you from having more success. 

Blind spots are called blind spots for a reason — you can’t see them — so if you keep doing the things you have been doing, you’ll continue to get the same (unsatisfactory) results. And worse, you’re developing a habit of not getting what you want or even — failing.

If that’s ok with you (I don’t think so, or you wouldn’t be reading this), do nothing.

But if you want something new — something better — something more exciting and rewarding — you have to do something different! 

It makes sense, right?

You can learn new, more profitable ways of running your business or your services. 

You can learn how to think and behave in a way that creates more predictable success. Anyone can do it

And if you’re ready to learn, I can show you how.


*Sorry. I currently don’t have any open spots right now for new clients. Please fill out the form below to get on the waitlist.

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Expires on Dec 27th