Learn X-Particles in 3 Days

X-Particles Bootcamp - Enrollment currently closed

My students have been asking, and I’ve decided to put together a brand new training. It’s bootcamp all about X-Particles. 

If you’re new to X-Particles, or if you struggle to learn it on your own. Or perhaps you want to get more out of it. I invite you to this training.

Enrollment is currently closed

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The bootcamp is a more effective way for you to learn this powerful tool than other do-it-yourself training.
Unlike regular video training, this bootcamp will give you direct support and feedback, which is essential when building real skills.


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x-particles bootcamp day 2
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Bootcamp vs. Regular Video Training:


Lifetime access to all training
If you miss a live video-training, you can always watch it later

Lifetime access to all project files

An excellent opportunity to network and connect

Regular Video Course

I really like Jesper's teaching methods. He doesn't just show you techniques. He explains the "why" behind everything and goes the extra mile to explain the concepts and adapt them to other projects.

Christopher Kezelos, Director

I grow as a VFX professional whenever I watch one of Jesper Sandell's tutorials. His tutorials use projects that I actually want to know how to create. His tutorials teach not only how to use a technique, but also why that technique is being used. But perhaps most important, he truly wants you to have success. I've watched him happily answer questions and help people when they are stuck - even reviewing sample files to help find the problem. That's above-and-beyond what most others will do."

Mike Mitchell,  VFX Professional

Do you have any questions?

I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

jesper sandell teacher

The Teacher

I love working with X-Particles. It's one of the main reasons that I do 3D.

Jesper Sandell, 3D Designer, Teacher, Owner of Velocitypeak