X-Particles Speed Advection Project

x-particles speed advection project

X-Particles Speed Advection - Project File Download

X-Particles project in Cinema 4D. We’re using Explosia FX and advecting particles.

Explosia FX is triggered when the particles are big enough. And we’re using an xpScale modifier to vary the size and the slow the burning of Explosia FX.

One powerful feature of X-Particles is the ability to change the sim speed. We’ll connect the sim speed of the explosion with the advecting emitter with some simple Xpresso. I used Cycles 4D as the render engine.

Hopefully, this is useful to you. Have fun with it.

Feel free to make some X-Particles requests if there’s something particular you’re struggling to learn.

How to use the downloaded files

Use the project files as inspiration, or starting points for new projects. Feel free to use for commercial or personal use. Hopefully they’ll come  to good use.

Thank you

I’ll let you know when there’s an opening.