X-Particles Vertex Maps Download

x-particles vertex maps

X-Particles Vertex Maps - Project Download File

Using the new Vertex Map tools in X-Particles, we can create very controllable and precise rigs. In this project, we’re using two Vertex Maps. One is driving the birth of the particles, and the other is driving the transformation of the textures. One powerful feature of the updated Vertex Mapmaker is the ability to work with parametric objects. We can create a rig and later on instantly swap the geometry. Playing with these new tools is a lot of fun.

I created the textures outside of Cinema 4D, so they’re applied as texture image maps. There are two download options. One is free but doesn’t contain the image textures.
The other download has all the image maps and two complete scene setups. One is for Redshift, and the other is for Cycles 4D.

Have fun with it.

How to use the downloaded files

Use the project files as inspiration, or starting points for new projects. Feel free to use for commercial or personal use. Hopefully they’ll come  to good use.

Thank you

I’ll let you know when there’s an opening.