X-Particles Vertex Maps Tutorial

x-particles vertex maps tutorial

X-Particles Vertex Maps Tutorial

In this X-Particles and Cinema 4D tutorial, we’re going to explore the new vertex maps maker in the early access release of X-Particles.

The updated vertex maker has some excellent additions. You can now create vertex maps on parametric objects. It’s almost like having a mini-version of Cinema 4D’s Fields.

In the tutorial, we’ll drive particle emissions as well as texture maps. I’ll show you how you can drive the maps to control textures in Cycles 4D and Redshift.

Hopefully, you’ll learn something new.

Download the project files, including all the textures. There are two complete scene setups: a Redshift version, and a Cycles 4D version.

Or, grab the project files without image textures.

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I’ll let you know when there’s an opening.