XParticles Push Apart Project Download

xparticles push apart project download

XParticles Push Apart - Project Download File

There are a lot of new exciting features in the latest Beta version of XParticles.

Here’s one way to use the new push apart modifier. XpPushApart. The modifier works well right out of the box. So in this project, we’ll take a little bit further by adding a scaling modifier.

The scaling modifier works in conjunction with a texture map. We can control how the particles scale-up by mapping the size increments to the texture. It’s a powerful and useful method. You can use this technique in many other scenarios.

Once again, we turn to Cycles 4D to render the scene. Play with it and see what you can do.

Have fun!

Let me know if there’s something particular you’re struggling with and would like to see as a tutorial or more comprehensive training.

I always enjoy watching what you guys come up with using the techniques, so feel free to send me some links of your work.

This project is part of a bundle — C4D and X-Particles Power Bundle.



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