Overcoming Impostor Syndrome.

There’s more to being a professional designer than knowing your software and design techniques.

If you are like many other graphic artists, you doubt yourself from time to time.

It’s too easy to focus on things that don’t help you advance your craft and career. It can also lead to you questioning your self-worth.

In this short, free class, I will give you another perspective on how to approach your work.

You have more control than you think.

X-Particles and Cinema 4D Training - Golden Mask Reveal

Go beyond the basics with X-Particles and Cinema 4D

I really like Jesper's teaching methods. He doesn't just show you techniques. He explains the "why" behind everything and goes the extra mile to explain the concepts and adapt them to other projects.

Christopher Kezelos


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x-particles bootcamp day 3

The bootcamp is a more effective way for you to learn this powerful tool than other do-it-yourself training.
Unlike regular video training, this bootcamp will give you direct support and feedback, which is essential when building real skills.

Enrollment is currently closed, but I can let you know when it opens up again.

My motion graphic work will be much more amazing. I see much more opportunity for a growth in my work from what I learned in your bootcamp.

Sherry Bean

Now I have more options creating motion graphics

Jeffrey Huang

freelance motion graphics designer

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