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Learn how to show and talk about your work in a new way that makes you stand out instead of blending in.

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Why most creative artists are approaching their work the wrong way and how a small change of perspective can bring dramatic benefits.

If you already have all the success in the world, working ONLY with your ideal clients, and money is coming in droves, this class is probably not for you. But…

But if you want to discover new, easier ways to improve your work and career, read on to find out:

  • Why trying to be better is a trap, and how you can easily avoid it
  • Who you are really working for…
  • How this small shift in focus makes a BIG difference…

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Hey there, Friend

Here’s a question that may cause you some stomach jitters:

How are your sales skills?

If you’re like most people, the knee-jerk response might be:

“I’m not in sales!”

Few people think they’re in sales. But the funny thing is that most people are actually in sales – in one way or another.

And take a wild guess at another question: Will it create more of a smooth ride in your business if your selling skills go up? I’ll let you ponder that…

But first. Let’s ditch the idea that selling always has to do with money. And instead…


Sell ideas – sell outcomes – sell hope – sell a vision of what could be…

And so on.

Sometimes it’s to clients. Sometimes to friends. Sometimes to family. 

Convincing your kid to wear a helmet when they ride a bike is selling.

You could pretend that selling is not part of the game, but then you might be selling yourself – and others – short.

If you can paint a picture of a bright, beautiful future and invite others into that story, you’ll come out ahead more often than not. 

It’s a skill, just like most things. 

To your success

Learn easy-to-use techniques that can control a multitude of simulations and even materials with ease using X-Particles in Cinema 4D

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I really like Jesper's teaching methods. He doesn't just show you techniques. He explains the "why" behind everything and goes the extra mile to explain the concepts and adapt them to other projects.

Christopher Kezelos


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