X-Particles Bootcamp — Zero to Hero

If you’re tired of guessing and testing…again and again. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just tap into the already existing workflows that’ll help you progress much faster?

Why most creative artists are approaching their work the wrong way and how a small change of perspective can bring dramatic benefits.

If you already have all the success in the world, working ONLY with your ideal clients, and money is coming in droves, this class is probably not for you. But…

But if you want to discover new, easier ways to improve your work and career, read on to find out:

  • Why trying to be better is a trap, and how you can easily avoid it
  • Who you are really working for…
  • How this small shift in focus makes a BIG difference…

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When the plane is off course, but you’re the pilot…

Hey, it’s Jesper!
You’re sitting in the cabin of an airplane, preparing for takeoff.
You have a good view of the engines on the wings through the window, which are spinning louder and louder. It can only be a few seconds now…
Has it ever occurred to you that the plane is about to go off course?
In a famous quote by Stephen R. Covey, he states that airplanes are off course about 90% of the time. But the pilot constantly adjusts and almost always lands precisely where it’s supposed to…
I’m no airplane pilot and can’t claim to have any expertise over air travel in general. So I have no opinion about the numbers.
I do, however, strongly believe in course correction as you go.
Come decision time, the best thing is to make a “good decision.” The second best: make a “bad decision.” The worst: Make no decision at all.
Why. Because a decision gets you going — regardless if it’s good or bad.
You can course-correct — you’re in motion.
The non-decision route has you flapping your flippers in the wind with no direction, purpose, or conviction. It tends to leave you in a state of fear of making mistakes.
Don’t be afraid of making bad decisions. They just might be the spark you need.
To your success

Finally, start creating exciting and unique content that creates demand for your services.

Learn how to show and talk about your work in a new way that makes you stand out instead of blending in.

Say goodbye to anonymity and start attracting attention as a creative professional.

Learn easy-to-use techniques that can control a multitude of simulations and even materials with ease using X-Particles in Cinema 4D

If you like new workflows that can take your particle skills to the NEXT LEVEL and save you significant time in productions, click the button below to learn more…

I really like Jesper's teaching methods. He doesn't just show you techniques. He explains the "why" behind everything and goes the extra mile to explain the concepts and adapt them to other projects.

Christopher Kezelos


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