Cinema 4D Sand Tutorial with X-Particles

cinema 4d sand tutorial with x-particles

Cinema 4D Sand Tutorial with X-Particles

In this Cinema 4D tutorial, we’ll use X-Particles to create sand.

In the sand, we’ll reveal a logo. There’s movement in the sand, which is created by a series of displacement maps.

We control the displacement maps with vertex maps and fields. This displacement is driving the particles in the X-Particles setup.

To achieve a look of sand, we need to use a lot of particles. In the final result, there are 1.5 million particles. But it renders quite quickly.

I used Redshift as the render engine. It’s always a pleasure to work with fields inside of Cinema 4D. It’s so powerful.

Hopefully, you’ll learn something new.

Download the project files, including all the textures. There are two complete scene setups: a Redshift version, and a Cycles 4D version.

Or, grab the project files without image textures.

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