X-Particles Tutorial – Growth System

Building a perpetual growth system

In this X-Particles and Cinema 4D tutorial, I’ll show you how to build a perpetual growth system. We’ll use the XpSpawn modifier to self-generate new spheres from each new particle. That could get out of hand quickly and crash your computer due to the high amount of particles it will generate. But I will show you a technique using the mapping features in XpSpawn which allows you to control the number of particles generated. Using Cycles4D as the renderer, we’ll render the particles as glowing spheres right after they’re born. The glowing orbs will transform into a glass-balls. We’ll use the particle age as a controller and map it into a grayscale ramp for full control.

x-particles create growth system

Using XpConstraints, we can connect the particles and have them interact with each other. By using the “custom” option under the connection tab, we can create a “springy” effect.

X-Particles Tutorial - Growth System

If you want to follow along, the project files are available for download.