Almost all progress is on the other side of your comfort zone

Hey there,

There is something that is holding you back more than almost anything.

It’s not tangible. It’s hard to define and often difficult for others to believe.

Rest assured, though: it can speed up your heartbeat — make your mouth dry. It can create almost unbearable stress…and it’s still all in your head — a figment of your imagination.

I’m talking about your comfort zone. And yes, about leaving your comfort zone.

Sneaky they are indeed…the beliefs we have — about what we can and cannot do.

And the stories that we tell ourselves about what will happen if we step out of bounds.

Oh, I’m not good at…
I could never…
Well, I think it’s better to wait…

If we bothered examing the evidence of those stories, most of them would fold like a house of cards.

And yet, they keep most of us in our comfort zone — and stuck.

You don’t need permission to change your stories.

Almost all the progress you want is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Why not leap?

To your success


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Jesper Sandell

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